Senate Democrats

Reid: We Must Face Serious Challenge Of Domestic Terrorism Together, Not Divided By Religion

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement regarding hearings on ‘The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response’ initiated by Rep. Peter King:

“I take the threat of terrorism very seriously, and no one is more committed to hunting down terrorists and bringing them to justice, wherever they live, than I am. But I am deeply concerned about these hearings, which demonize law-abiding American Muslims who make important contributions to our society, as I would be about Congressional hearings to investigate Catholics, Jews or people of any other faith based solely on their religion.

“It is vitally important that we have a conversation about the serious challenge of domestic terrorism and how we can all work together to keep each other safe. But that conversation must be a collective one, not one that divides us based on religion.

“Among this country’s founding principles is the freedom of religion. However, any person who misuses religion – no matter what faith they follow – as an excuse for violence or to commit a crime betrays that principle.”