Senate Democrats

Reid: Time For Republicans To Join Us At The Table With A Responsible Proposal That Looks At Every Aspect Of The Budget

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement regarding today’s defeat of HR1, Republicans’ reckless budget plan:

“We have said from day one that Republicans’ reckless spending plan is a non-starter because it would destroy 700,000 American jobs, weaken our border security and slash housing for homeless veterans. Now that it has been defeated, Republicans have no excuses left. It’s time for them to work with us to on a responsible, long-term solution that funds our government for the rest of the year, makes responsible cuts and safeguards our fragile economic recovery.

“Democrats have put $51 billion in cuts on the table, but so far Republicans have refused to abandon even the most extreme of their reckless proposals. Republicans’ irresponsible approach would devastate millions of middle class families and jeopardize our security, but it would never yield the savings we need to actually reduce our deficit and balance the budget. To address this issue in a serious, responsible way, I believe that the entire budget, which does not include Social Security, should be on the table. We need to start making tough decisions in order to achieve lasting solutions.”