Senate Democrats

Reid: Time For Republicans To Come To The Table With Serious Proposal, Willingness To Compromise

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement regarding the three-week Continuing Resolution negotiated with House Republicans, which will include approximately $6.1 billion in cuts proposed by Democrats and will be free of any riders:

“I am glad that we were able to come to an agreement with Republicans on a three-week Continuing Resolution made up of cuts already proposed by Democrats that will also be free of any ideological, special-interest legislation. However, we can’t continue to run our government two or three weeks at a time. I believe it’s crucial that we avoid a government shutdown, but continually resorting to stopgap spending bills is bad long-term policy and could be bad for our economy. If Republicans are serious about cutting the deficit, they should be open to new solutions and ideas instead of clinging to extreme policy positions. It’s time to work together toward a long-term solution that makes smart, responsible cuts but doesn’t threaten our economic future.

“This week’s Senate vote sent a clear message that the Republicans’ irresponsible, $100 billion plan to slash aid for homeless veterans, kick kids out of Head Start and risk border security simply won’t fly. It’s too dangerous for our recovering economy and would cost 700,000 American jobs. So, with the clock ticking, it’s time for Republicans to do what they have been avoiding: come to the table with a serious proposal and a willingness to work with us on a long-term budget free of extraneous legislation.”