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Reid: Republicans’ Dangerous Repeal Plan Would Balloon Deficit, While Hurting Sick Children And Small Businesses

Washington, DC—A year after the Affordable Care Act became law, Republicans are still fighting yesterday’s battles. But their wrongheaded repeal plan would raise taxes on small businesses, increase prescription drug prices for seniors and allow insurance companies to once again deny coverage to sick children. And they conveniently ignore the fact that their dangerous repeal plan would increase the deficit by more than $1 trillion.

“This morning one of my friends said that passing the health care bill was a miracle in his life and his family’s life. Those are his words, not mine,” Nevada Sen. Harry Reid said today on the Senate Floor. “They could not find insurance for their child who developed diabetes. Because of the health care bill, that child is fully insured now. That’s what the health care bill is about.

“Hundreds of thousands of students have health insurance because their parents have health insurance. The IRS sent notices to 4.4 million small businesses in America to let them know that they may qualify for reduced insurance premiums. And exchanges are being set up in Nevada and across the country that will mean every American has access to insurance plans similar to the ones members of Congress have. The health care bill is a milestone in the history of this country.”

Reid said Republicans who want to repeal health care reform also want to strip away those benefits, which have proven popular with people in Nevada and across America. Their plan would put Americans’ care back in the hands of big insurance companies, whose only concern is their bottom line.

In addition to costing small businesses and middle-class families, repealing the Affordable Care Act would also balloon our deficit.  In fact, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the law will reduce this country’s debt by $1.3 trillion–a savings that would disappear if Republicans get their way.