Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Libya

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding the situation in Libya:

“Like many Americans, I have watched the atrocities perpetrated by Moammar Qaddafi in horror, and that’s why I am pleased with the resolution passed by the United Nations. It was an important step for the international community to take action to prevent Qaddafi from perpetrating further atrocities. And I support the President’s decision to work with our allies to enforce a no-fly zone and take other actions to protect Libyan civilians. Today the President presented Qaddafi with a clear choice and outlined the very serious consequences of ignoring the demands of the people of Libya and the international community.

“I believe the broad multilateral approach the President laid out will greatly improve the effectiveness of our efforts. The coalition we are working with includes not just our European allies, but also members of the Arab League. Qaddafi has lost legitimacy and it is only a matter of time before he is out of power. Together with our allies, we should work to ensure that Qaddafi’s transition out of power is swift, and that the people of Libya do not suffer any more than they already have.”