Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On NATO Enforcement Of Libya No-Fly Zone

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding the announcement that NATO would assume responsibility for enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya:

“The agreement among all 28 member nations of NATO to take command over enforcement of the no-fly zone over Libya is a clear sign of progress in our efforts to halt Moammar Qaddafi’s brutal campaign to slaughter his own people. I am pleased to see the coalition’s mission progressing according to the plan outlined by President Obama. Our military, in concert with our allies, has been successful in destroying Libya’s air-defense capabilities and establishing a secure no-fly zone. Because President Obama assembled a broad international coalition that includes Arab nations, we are able to turn over enforcement of the no-fly zone to our allies even as we continue to pursue a broad range of military, diplomatic and economic actions aimed at ending Qaddafi’s reign completely. NATO’s direction of continuing air operations will be joined by sustained international efforts to isolate and oust this brutal dictator.

“As this effort moves forward, I look forward to continued consultation from President Obama and his administration in accordance with Congress’ Constitutional role.”