Senate Democrats

Reid: Honor The Man Who Fought For Rights Of Hard-Working Farmers By Ensuring Every American Worker Has A Job, Access To Health Care

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement regarding the birthday of civil rights activist César Chávez’s, who would have been 84 today:

“César Chávez dedicated his life to defending the rights not only of farm workers, but of all Americans who have suffered under discrimination or oppression. After his family lost its farm to foreclosure during the Great Depression, Chávez worked as a farmhand in the Southwest. His experience inspired him to defend those who toiled beside him, who were often oppressed because of their ethnicity. With fellow civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, he fought for to abolish child labor, for safe and fair working conditions and for equal pay for equal work.

“Today we honor this champion of farmers, especially Hispanic farmers, and all hard-working Americans. But the greatest honor we can bestow on César Chávez is to help carry out his legacy by creating jobs, ensuring American workers can compete in a global economy and guaranteeing every family’s access to quality, affordable healthcare.”