Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Should Not Allow Themselves To Be Pulled To The Right By Tea Party, Must Join Democrats To Forge Compromise

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement during a conference call with Senate Democratic leadership regarding ongoing budget negotiations:

“Even as our economy turns around, many people in Nevada and across the country continue to struggle. That is why it is important that we keep our focus on jobs, and that my Republican colleagues not allow themselves to be pulled to the right by the tens of Tea Partiers who showed up to the Capitol yesterday. Unfortunately, today my colleagues in the House seem to be listening to this small but loud minority. Instead of working to create jobs, they are wasting time by voting yet again on a reckless spending bill that would destroy 700,000 jobs.

“Our fragile economy cannot afford a shutdown. Last time there was a shutdown, $3 billion in exports sat idle in our ports instead of being sold overseas. Fortunately, I am happy to say that negotiations towards a compromise are moving forward. We will be working through the weekend to forge a compromise, and I hope that cooler heads continue to prevail as we work to make smart cuts.”