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Republicans’ Budget Would Cut Billions In Benefits For Seniors, Families And Nursing Homes Residents; Would Place Huge Burdens On Already-Stressed State Budgets, Pressuring Governors To Raise Property Taxes

Senate Democrats Release State-By-State Analysis of Impact of Extreme GOP Budget Plan

States Would Lose Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Support For The Elderly, Families, and Those in Nursing Homes – Would Be Forced to Dramatically Raise Taxes or Cut Benefits

Protecting Tax Breaks for Oil Companies, Millionaires and Billionaires Should Not Be Prioritized Over Seniors and Middle Class Taxpayers

Washington, D.C. – The Democratic Policy and Communications Center (DPCC) today released new state-by-state reports that outline the devastating impact of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget proposal.  The report shows that, on top of ending Medicare, the GOP budget would cut $1.4 trillion in benefits for seniors, families and those in nursing homes, while shifting huge burdens to state governments.  With state governments across the country already cash-strapped, the reduced federal support and increased burdens included in the GOP proposal would require them to drastically slash benefits, increase taxes, or both.  Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit by eliminating wasteful subsidies and combating fraud and abuse in health care programs while protecting Medicaid and Medicare for seniors and families.

“These reports bring home the real world, brutal impact of the GOP’s reckless budget proposal,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer, Chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center.  “The GOP budget pulls the rug out from under Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid, and shifts massive burdens to the states at a time when they have their own budget crisis to deal with, forcing them to dramatically raise taxes or cut benefits.”

The state-by-state reports can be found here: