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Reid Spokesman: Why Don’t Senate Republicans Want To Vote On Plan To End Medicare They’ve Previously Praised?

Washington, D.C. – Jon Summers, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today:

“After Senate Republican leaders spent weeks embracing House Republicans’ plan to end Medicare to give tax breaks to millionaires, why are they suddenly afraid to vote on it? They’ve already praised this plan to end Medicare as we know it, so they shouldn’t be afraid to put it in the record.”

McConnell Called Ryan Budget A “Serious And Detailed Plan.”In a statement Senator McConnell said: “Today, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Paul Ryan, is releasing a serious and detailed plan for getting our nation’s fiscal house in order. Congressman Ryan’s plan would put us on a path to reducing the national debt. It would strengthen the social safety net so we can keep the promises we’ve made to America’s seniors… It’s my hope that our friends on the other side recognize this effort for what it is — a serious, good-will effort to do something good and necessary for the future of our nation and that, for the good of the nation, they’ll join in the effort at some point before it’s too late.” [McConnell Floor Speech, 4/5/11]

Kyl Praised Ryan Budget, An “Effective Blueprint.” Kyl said in a statement, “House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who authored the budget, believes it could reverse Washington’s trend of spending beyond its means and passing the debt onto our children and grandchildren.  I believe he’s right on target…I think Congressman Ryan’s budget proposal is an effective blueprint for economic growth.” [Kyl Release, 4/11/11]

Scott Brown Praised Ryan Plan. “Brown also praised a budget plan crafted by Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan that would slash federal spending by about $5 trillion over 10 years while revamping health programs for the elderly and poor. Brown credited Ryan’s budget for its fresh approach, adding that it forced Obama to come up with his own spending plan.  ‘I think, ultimately, if you think that if we can do nothing and you think Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security are going to be viable in years to come, then you’re wrong,’ said Brown. ‘We need to do something.’”  [Lowell Sun, 4/28/11]

Cornyn Praised Ryan Budget, “Filled a Leadership Void.” In a statement Senator Cornyn said, “Congressman Paul Ryan and the House Republicans stepped up and filled a leadership void that the President and Senate Democrats have steadfastly refused to fill. The House Republican budget proposal speaks directly to the frustrations of the American people and addresses the long-term fiscal challenges that we all know we have to face. Instead of demagoguing this serious proposal, I hope President Obama and Congressional Democrats take this opportunity to engage in a constructive debate to get our nation’s fiscal house back in order.” [Cornyn Release, 4/5/11]

Sessions Called Ryan Plan “Honest, Responsible, Serious.” In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Senator Sessions said, “And it’s never easy to make changes, but Hugh, this thing is, we’re in a deeper hole than in ’94. This is a deep hole, and Paul Ryan’s plan is an honest, responsible, serious plan to get us out of this fix.” [Hugh Hewitt Show, 4/7/11]

Johanns: “Ryan Budget Is A Serious Effort.” In a statement, Senator Johanns said, “Chairman Ryan’s budget is a serious attempt to address our ballooning debt in a responsible way, and I applaud his leadership.” [Johanns Release, 4/5/11]

Hatch Said Ryan Plan Put “Serious Ideas On The Table,” Hatch said in a statement,“…Paul Ryan has put serious ideas on the table to reform Medicare and Medicaid, streamline our tax code, cut spending, and confront our debt. He rightly includes a proposal to kick Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac off the government dole, fully repeal the budget-busting $2.6 trillion health law, and extend the 2001 and 2003 tax relief permanently, while reducing our corporate tax rate.” [Hatch Release, 4/5/11]