Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Comprehensive Cyber Security Legislation

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on the White House cyber security proposal:

“The Senate has been working to develop comprehensive, bipartisan legislation to improve our nation’s cyber security and we hope to pass a bill this summer. The security of our computer networks is woefully inadequate, and the threats against them are growing more sophisticated each day. Cyber crime, cyber industrial espionage and cyber attacks cost American businesses and consumers billions of dollars per year and threaten our economy and our national security. In Nevada, cyber security experts have specifically identified casino databases as tempting targets for cyber attacks. It is time to create the proper authorities and enhance the tools to protect the computer networks that are so crucial to our daily lives.

“Cyber security proposals from the White House will be an important part of this effort, and I look forward to working with the Committees to integrate their work with the President’s proposals in coming weeks, and build on the protections created by key bills passed during the last Congress. We also look forward to continuing to work with the private sector and other key stakeholders to ensure that our efforts enhance security, increase American competitiveness and protect the privacy of individuals and businesses.”


·         A summary of the President’s cyber security proposals can be found here:

·         The actual text of the President’s proposals may be found here:

o   Breach notice

o   Critical Infrastructure Provisions

o   Data Center

o   FISMA Reform

o   General Authorities

o   Law Enforcement

o   Personnel

·         Section-by-section descriptions can be found here.

·         Key bills from 111th Congress: S. 773, S. 1490, S. 3193, and H.R. 5026.

·         Key bills from the 112th Congress: S. 21, S. 413; Joint Staff Discussion Draft.