Senate Democrats

Senator Whitehouse Statement On Medicare Trustees’ Report

Washington, D.C.Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse released the following statement on today’s Medicare Trustees’ Report:

“The Medicare Trustees’ report projects that Medicare will remain solvent through 2024.  This is a slight reduction from last year’s projection, caused largely by the pace of economic recovery.  Without the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare would have gone bankrupt in 2016.

“Clearly, the ACA extended the solvency of Medicare.  It also laid the foundation for system-wide savings and quality improvement through reforms to our delivery system.  We should build upon that foundation by implementing those delivery system reforms that reward quality, promote prevention, simplify administrative processes, realign payment systems, and encourage information technology.  This approach will save money by improving quality of care: a win-win for our health care system and the American people.  We owe it to our country to reach for those savings – not compromise the care on which millions rely.

“Unfortunately, some of my Republican colleagues have proposed to privatize Medicare and shift the rising cost burden to seniors, rather than strengthen Medicare and put our entire health care system on a sustainable path. They have misdiagnosed the problem, and their remedy will do more harm than good.”