Senate Democrats

Reid: Senate Democrats Will Never Support A Plan To Balance The Budget On The Backs Of America’s Seniors

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding continued attempts by Republicans to push a plan to kill Medicare:

“Republicans need to wake up and smell the coffee: people in Nevada and across the country oppose the Republican plan to kill Medicare. We saw people’s opposition on full display during Tuesday’s special election in New York, where the central issue was the Republican plan to put insurance company bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. Last night, the Senate also sent a strong message that the Republican proposal is a nonstarter. Yet the author of this proposal, Rep. Paul Ryan, seems tone deaf on this issue, and just last night said that there will be ‘no retreat’ for Republicans on their plan to end Medicare.

“Democrats want to work with Republicans to address the challenges facing our country, including the deficit. But we will never support a plan to balance the budget on the back of America’s seniors. It’s time for Republicans to listen to the American people, drop their plan to end Medicare and work with Democrats on more responsible ways to reduce our deficit.”