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Corker Says Job-Creating, Economic Development Bill Is “Nothing Of Importance”… After Touting EDA Grant Back Home

The Economic Development Administration Has Created Or Protected At Least 7,000 Jobs In Tennessee Alone Over The Past Five Years

But Corker Calls Debate Over Reauthorizing Agency Nothing More Than “Kill[ing] Time”


Corker Today: Legislation to Reauthorize Economic Development Program That Has Created Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs Was “Nothing of Importance,” Just on Floor to “Kill Time.” [Corker Floor Speech, 6/22/11]

But In 2009, Corker Praised EDA Funds To “Protect Jobs, And Support Economic Growth In The Region.” In a press release, Senator Corker said “These improvements to Etowah’s water related infrastructure will help enhance water service in homes and businesses, protect jobs, and support economic growth in the region. In the midst of an economic crisis, projects like these are just the kinds of things that will renew confidence and reinvigorate private investment in the area.” [Press Release, 2/11/09]

EDA Investments Created or Protected At Least 7,000 Jobs In Tennessee Alone Over the Past Five Years. [EDA.Gov]