Senate Democrats

Republicans Love Polls…They Should Listen to Them


Senator Inhofe: “And the American people have caught on. Just look at the polls.” [Press Release, 12/17/09]

Senator McConnell:“You’ve seen the polls. They’re unanimous.” [Press Conference, 11/17/09]

  • Senator McConnell: “If you look at the poll data, all of these published polls, going back over the last few weeks, the opposition is widening. A couple of weeks ago, it was nine points opposed on Gallup. Earlier this week, 14 points down in the Quinnipiac poll. And now, 61 to 36 in the CNN poll.” [Press Conference, 12/11/09]

Senator Sessions: “The truth is, the American people have never supported this bill. Polling numbers show they still do not support this bill.” [Press Release, 2/2/11]

Senator Barrasso: “That is not just my opinion. If you ask what the public believes, in polling across the country the American people have overwhelmingly rejected this bill that is now signed into law by the President.” [Floor Speech, 4/27/10]

Majority Leader Cantor: “It has been litigated according to the American people, if you look at the polling on this.” [Cantor Pen and Pad, 1/4/11]



  • “Democrats are winning the messaging war on Rep. Paul Ryan’s bid to overhaul Medicare, with a new Bloomberg poll finding 57 percent of Americans believe they would be worse off under his plan. Only 34 percent said they would be better off if Congress replaced ‘traditional Medicare’ with a program to purchase private insurance with government subsidies, as Ryan has proposed.”  [Politico, 6/23/11]
  • “The poll also found Ryan is now the nation’s third most disliked Republican, with net unfavorable ratings that trail only former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. But more than half surveyed said they have no opinion of the Wisconsin Republican.” [Politico, 6/23/11]


  • 49% of respondents said they’re worried about Republicans gaining control of the White House and Congress and following through on pledges to slash funding for Medicare and Medicaid.

CBS News Poll:

  • Support for the Republican Medicare plan: Continue as it is now: 58% Change to a payment program (Republican Plan): 31%
  • Among independents 58% percent oppose the GOP plan while less than half (43%) of Republicans support it.

Washington Post/ABC News Poll:

  • Who do you trust to do a better job protecting the Medicare system? Obama: 49%  Congressional Republicans: 35%
  • Support for the Republican Medicare plan: Oppose: 49%  Support: 32%

CNN Poll:

  • Support for Republican Medicare plan:  Oppose 58%  Support 35%
  • Opposition to Republican Medicare plan among seniors: 74%

Reuters Poll:

  • Support for Republican Medicare plan:  Oppose: 43%  Support: 37%

Pew Poll:

  • Among those 50 and older opposition to the Republican Medicare plan is 51% with 42% strongly opposed