Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Cornyn Earns His “Biggest Hypocrite On Immigration” Award

Washington, D.C.José Dante Parra, spokesman for Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, issued the following statement after Republican Sen. John Cornyn mischaracterized Sen. Reid’s support for comprehensive immigration reform during a hearing on the DREAM Act, while overlooking his own opposition to these measures. Cornyn remains one of the leading obstacles to the enactment of tough, fair and practical reform, voting consistently against comprehensive bills since 2006:

“Sen. Cornyn really earned his ‘Biggest Hypocrite on Immigration’ award today. If he spent a little less time talking out of both sides of his mouth and more time working with us, we could actually pass comprehensive immigration reform. He claims he wants solutions and expresses ‘sympathy’ for those caught in our broken immigration system, yet he consistently votes against fixing the system, and even voted against the DREAM Act twice within the past year.

“Sen. Reid has devoted unprecedented amounts of floor time to efforts to enact immigration reform. If Senator Cornyn truly wants to fix our broken immigration system, he could simply sign on to Democrats’ comprehensive reform bill, and join us to pass the DREAM Act.”