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The Year in Headlines on GOP’s Failure to Lead on Debt Reduction:
‘Boehner Retreats’ …  ‘Cantor Bails’ … ‘Coburn Drops Out’ … Paul Ryan ‘Phones in No Vote’

July 2011: Boehner Blinks on Grand Bargain Proposed by President

Washington Post: Boehner Abandons Efforts to Reach Comprehensive Debt-Reduction Deal

Bloomberg: Boehner Retreats from $4 Trillion Deficit Accord

Politico: Under Pressure from Right, John Boehner Steps Back on Debt Deal

Los Angeles Times: Deficit Hopes Scaled Back as Boehner Pulls Support

June 2011: Cantor Walks Out of Biden-Led Debt Talks

Los Angeles Times: Top Republican Quits Debt Talks

New York Times: Budget Talks Near Collapse as G.O.P. Leader Quits

The Hill: Cantor’s Debt Talks Leaves up to Boehner, Obama to Get Deal

Politico: Deficit Talks in Danger as Eric Cantor Bails

CBS News: Deficit Talks Implode as GOP Negotiators Drop Out

McClatchy: Talks on Debt, Budget Breakdown as Republicans Pull Out

ABC News: Top Republicans Pull Out of VP Biden’s Press Talks

CNN: Key Republicans Pull out of Debt Talks, Negotiations on Verge of Collapse

May 2011: Coburn Calls it Quits on Gang of Six

LA Times: GOP Senator Drops Out of Debt Negotiations

NY Times: Senate Group on Debt Talk Loses Key Republican

The Hill: Coburn Out of Gang of Six Talks

Politico: Gang of Six at ‘Impasse’ as Tom Coburn Steps Out

December 2010: House GOP Says ‘No Thanks’ to Simpson-Bowles

Politico: Paul Ryan is a ‘No’ on Deficit Reduction

Wall Street Journal: House Republicans Phone in ‘No’ on Debt Commission

USA Today: Rep. Paul Ryan Calls Deficit Report ‘A Success’ But Will Vote ‘No’