Senate Democrats

Reid to Boehner: Come Back from Vacation, Put 74,000 Americans Back to Work

A clean extension would keep Americans employed while Congress resolves differences

Washington, D.C.– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent the following letter to House Speaker John Boehner today asking him to pass a clean extension of the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill so more than 74,000 Americans can go back to work.

“I stand ready to work with you to pass a clean extension of the FAA’s current programs, while we resolve our differences,” Reid wrote. “To illustrate the importance of the FAA extension, I was recently contacted by a Las Vegas construction worker who was ecstatic after getting a job working on the new control tower at McCarran International Airport. He was furloughed days later. Imagine how devastated he felt. There are thousands of Americans like my constituent who are out of work because of this impasse.”

“We must resolve our differences through the normal legislative process. In the meantime, we need a clean, short term extension to get these people back to work.”

House Republicans are trying to force through a policy change that would benefit one airline, while allowing the FAA’s authority to expire before going into recess. This has forced the furlough of 4,000 FAA employees and more than 70,000 contractors and construction workers.

A copy of the letter is attached and PDF is available here.