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Reid Hosts Twitter Town Hall, Takes Questions on Job Creation

Nevada Senator Harry Reid held his first Twitter Town Hall yesterday, giving Nevadans and Americans across the country an opportunity to get their questions about job-creation measures answered directly by him. 

Reid is the first Democratic Senate leader to hold a forum like this, according to Twitter.  

The town hall followed a week in which Twitter users asked the senator hundreds of questions about his initiatives to put Nevadans and Americans nationwide back to work.

During the town hall, Reid stressed the importance of growing small businesses, keeping American jobs in America, and his support for President Obama’s jobs proposals.  

The senator said that if Republicans would join Democrats to prioritize job creation, more progress could be made: “The first eight months of this year, we have been held up because the Republicans have stopped us from doing anything.” Reid called on Republicans to support President Obama’s jobs bill in the days ahead. 

And remarking on the importance of Twitter as a communications tool, Reid encouraged his online audience to continue to pose questions about his work in Congress to @SenatorReid.  Media-wise, “Things in Washington have changed,” he said.

Recently, Reid noted, a friend even used Twitter to tell him he was visiting Las Vegas — and stopping by one of Reid’s restaurant recommendations (El Sombrero at 807 S. Main St.).

To watch the town hall from start to finish, click here.

Senator Reid answers questions that he received from Twitter users