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10 Senate Republicans Now Waffling on Disaster Aid Package They Backed Five Days Ago

Bloc of GOP Senators Broke With Party Leaders Last Thursday To Approve Full Funding For Recovery From Natural Disasters

With House GOP Trying To Reduce Funding, Will 10 GOP Senators Stand Firm For Their States Or Cave To Pressure From GOP Leaders?


Washington Post: ‘Over GOP objections, Senate passes $7 billion FEMA bill.’ “The Senate voted Thursday to spend $7 billion on emergency disaster relief over the next year, as Democrats and Republicans from storm- and tornado-ravaged states joined for a forceful show of support for storm victims that will set up a showdown with the House on disaster funding.” [Washington Post, 9/15/11]

10 GOP Senators Broke With Party Leaders To Approve Measure. GOP Senators voting in favor of the package were: David Vitter of Louisiana; Marco Rubio of Florida; Dean Heller of Nevada; Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; John Hoeven of North Dakota; Roy Blunt of Missouri; Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts; Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania; and Olympia J. Snowe and Susan Collins, both of Maine. [Vote 135, 9/15/11]

Sen. Hoeven Said He Would Work To Win Support in the House for Senate Aid Package. “U.S. Senate passage of disaster aid funding is an important step forward, but we still have work to do,” Hoeven said. “We will continue to work to increase CDBG funding so that communities like Minot have the assistance they need to recover, and we will also work to win support in the House, which is working on its own disaster aid package.” [Press Release, 9/16/11]

Sen. Blunt Said The $7 Billion Was Important. “Blunt said he wasn’t interested in political gamesmanship and that the $7 billion figure was reasonable. ‘I think the amounts of money the bill is talking about are clearly the kinds of dollars that are going to be required for FEMA to meet its obligations, and just as important for the state of Missouri, for the Corps of Engineers to meet their obligations for flood control and river management,’ Blunt told reporters.”  [Missouri News Horizon, 9/15/11]


Collins ‘Still Considering’ Whether To Stand By Original Vote For Full Disaster Aid Funding. “It’s a question of how much, when, and whether it’s paid for,” Collins told CQ. [CQ, 9/20/11]

Blunt ‘Would Not Commit’ To Standing By Original Vote For Full Disaster Aid Funding. “Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., who’s state was ravaged by a tornado in May, would not commit Tuesday to supporting [the bill], as he did previously.” [FoxNews, 9/20/11]

Scott Brown, Heller Also ‘Undecided’ Now On Fully Funding Disaster Aid. “Blunt, Collins, Scott Brown, Heller all undecided on voting with Sen[ate] Dems to attach Senate-passed disaster bill to CR. All voted [for it on Thursday].” [Roll Call’s Humberto Sanchez, 9/20/11]