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Fact Check: Senator Hatch Wrongly Suggests Aid For Displaced Workers Lacks Bipartisan Support



Sen. Hatch Called TAA “Ineffective Program” “Now, if that is the case, I can’t understand why we would expand this ineffective program.” [Floor Remarks, 9/20/11]


Sen Hatch: TAA Has “Always Been” Controversial, “Myth” of Strong Bipartisan Support. “There is a myth that T.A.A. has always received strong bipartisan support. Again, the historical record does not bear this out. A simple review of a very helpful history of T.A.A. provided by C.R.S. this August shows just how controversial T.A.A. has always been and continues to be and confirms that T.A.A. reforms traditionally move with T.P.A.” [Floor Remarks, 9/20/11]




Speaker Boehner Said TAA Helps Workers “Return To Work As Quickly as Possible” “Assistance programs are available to help every worker return to work as quickly as possible, and in the meantime, ensure that they and their families have the help they need.” [Press Release, 11/30/05]


Senator Blunt Said TAA Gave Missouri Workers “An Edge During these Difficult Economic Times. “Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt today announced that the U.S. Department of Labor approved Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for workers at Ozark Mountain Apparel in Monett and Purdy. The assistance provides for two years of extended unemployment benefits and new job training for the almost three dozen employees. ‘It’s always tough to see local businesses close shop, but this assistance allows workers the time and training they need to find new jobs,’ Blunt said. ‘Southwest Missouri will always be competitive in a global economy, and it’s important that workers here have access to the type of training the Department of Labor is offering to give them an edge during these difficult economic times.’” [Press Release, 2/3/2009]


Senator Collins Said TAA “Can Help Workers Who Lost Their Jobs Get Back on Their Feet.” In a Joint Statement, Collins said “TAA assistance can help workers who have lost their jobs get back on their feet as quickly as possible by providing them with important skills assessment, training and job search assistance.” [Press Release, 12/1/09]


Senator Crapo Said TAA Helps Idaho Producers In Times of Economic Uncertainty. In a Statement, Crapo Said “However, there are times when, unfortunately, U.S. producers are negatively impacted by imports. This program helps ensure the continued competitiveness of U.S. producers in times of economic uncertainty.” [Press Release, 4/1/10]


Senator DeMint Called TAA A “Huge Help To Families in Need,” Said “There Is No Better Way to Help a Displaced Worker.” In 2005, Senator DeMint said “This will be a huge help to families in need who could use some good news. There is no better way to help a displaced worker than to get them a new job and a new paycheck.” [AP, 2/10/05]


Senator Graham Said TAA Helps “Soften the Blow of Job Losses.” In 2006, Graham Said “These programs help soften the blow of job losses due to the unfair trade practices,” said Graham. “Our manufacturers and textile companies are simply asking for a fair playing field. American workers are hard-working and when given the chance to compete in a fair market, no one can come close to them.” [Press Release, 1/4/06]


Senator Grassley Said TAA Will Help Workers “Get Back On Their Feet.” In 2008, Grassley Said “The assistance will give all of the eligible workers who were employed at Maytag an opportunity to receive training for new skills so they can compete for new jobs in the future.  It will help these employees continue to get back on their feet.” [Press Release, 8/6/08]


Senator Lugar Requested TAA Funds For IN Workers. In 2007, Senator Lugar “sent a letter calling on the Department of Labor to use its Trade Adjustment Assistance program to help workers at Visteon Corporation in Connersville. On Feb. 1, Visteon executives announced the 890 workers at the Connersville facility would lose their jobs by September 2007. The funding Bayh and Lugar requested would be used to subsidize the retraining of the laid off workers, so they can promptly rejoin the work force with new marketable skills. They request the Secretary of Labor take note of the significant competition that companies in Connersville and throughout Indiana have faced in recent years, indicating that shifts in production to lower-cost countries have played a major role in the decline of manufacturing jobs for the region.” [Richmond Palladium-Item, 4/24/07]


Senator McCain Supported TAA As A Part Of A Previous Trade Deal. “This package of trade bills, including the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act, trade promotion authority, and trade adjustment assistance (TAA), demonstrates what I hope is the beginning of a renewed commitment to negotiating and expediting strong trade agreements.” [Floor Statement, 8/1/02]


Senator Murkowski Said TAA Would “Alleviate Some Of The Burden” For Alaskans In A Bad Economy. Murkowski said “‘We don’t want to see a closure at Agrium,’ Senator Murkowski said. ‘However, should efforts to keep the plant open be unsuccessful, TAA should help alleviate some of the burden that the closure will place on the Kenai-Peninsula.’” [Press Release, 4/18/05]


Senator Portman Said TAA Is “Vital” For Ohioans When They Need It Most. “Ohio’s workers are second to none and when individuals lose a job, we need to do all that we can to help get them back on their feet. This legislation acts as a safety net for thousands of Ohio workers and it is vital that it is addressed in a timely manner so that hard working Ohioans and their families are helped at a time when they need it the most,” [Press Release, 2/10/11]


Senator Snowe Called For a Long-Term Extension of TAA Programs. In a Joint Statement, Snowe said “Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits undoubtedly aid workers in Maine and across the nation who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, by helping them regain their footing and find new employment,” Senators Snowe and Collins said in a joint statement.  “We not only reiterate our support for TAA benefits which are vital to workers and their families in Maine, especially during this harsh economic climate, but we also call on the Senate Leadership to work with us to extend these services and consider a long-term re-authorization in a timely manner.” [Press Release, 2/8/11]


Senator Thune Said TAA Would Help Workers “Quickly Find Their Next Job”  Senator Thune said “The funding released today will help workers across the state get the training and other assistance they need to quickly get back to work. The TAA resources will also help with health care costs and relocation expenses if they are needed,” said Senator Thune. “Whether it is resume writing assistance, career counseling or covering health care costs, these funds will help South Dakota workers quickly find their next job.”  [Press Release, 1/18/05]


Senator Vitter Said TAA Helps LA Families. “I am very pleased that the Labor Department approved the trade adjustment assistance application and that IP’s Bastrop employees will have the opportunity to qualify for assistance,” said Vitter. “These families are in a very, very difficult situation through no fault of their own, and I will continue to work with local and state officials to identify other avenues to try and find additional help for the community.” [Press Release 2/2/09]


10 Current Republican Senators Signed Letter That Said They Would Support Trade Adjustment Assistance. In a joint letter to the President, Senators Blunt, Boozman, Brown, Coats, Cochran, Collins, Hoeven, Isakson, Johanns, Portman, Murkowski and Wicker said, “As Republican Senators, we urge you to submit the Korea, Colombia and Panama trade agreements as soon as possible, with the understanding that we will support a separate Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) bill that reflects the bipartisan reforms negotiated by Chairmen Baucus and Camp and the White House.” [Letter to President, 7/19/11]