Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on Bipartisan Agreement to Fund Disaster Relief, Avoid Unnecessary Shutdown

Washington, D.C. –Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after an agreement was reached with Republicans that will keep the government running until November 18th, and gives FEMA the funds necessary to provide disaster relief in hundreds of communities throughout the country:

“Tonight, we rejected the idea that we should be forced to choose between American jobs and disaster relief, and forged an agreement that will provide suffering Americans from Missouri to Vermont the resources they need to piece their lives back together. We saved 45,000 manufacturing jobs at a time when our nation can ill afford more unemployment, and avoided an unnecessary government shutdown. When our fellow Americans are in crisis, we must make sure they get the aid they need without delay, not engage in a political debate. This vote upholds that principle.

“I hope the House will return to work this week and finish the job on this bill. I am optimistic that the we will be able to continue to find common ground as we work to address our nation’s priorities over the next few months.”