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VIDEO: Senate Passes Bipartisanship Deal to Fund FEMA, Avoid Government Shutdown

Last night, the Senate forged a bipartisan agreement to fund FEMA, save 45,000 jobs, and prevent an unnecessary government shutdown.

The bill received bipartisan support, with twenty-six Republicans joining Democrats to approve funding through November 18th for the agency tasked with helping thousands of Americans recover from earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

The bill’s passage followed the Senate rejecting a bill from House Republicans that would have shortchanged FEMA, and killed jobs. As Senate Democrats have pointed out, Congress shouldn’t have to trade off jobs to help disaster victims.

Watch video of their discussion here:

As Senator Harry Reid put it: “When our fellow Americans are in crisis, we must make sure they get the aid they need without delay, not engage in a political debate. This vote upholds that principle.”

Since the 1990s, disaster relief has rarely been handled outside of the normal budget process. For the Senate’s bipartisan agreement to come to fruition, the House must return from recess and pass the bill.

We’re making sure victims of natural disasters can continue to rebuild their lives without interruption.