Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On September Jobs Report

Washington, D.C.— Senator Harry Reid released the following statement after the Labor Department reported that job growth increased by more than forecast in September, with the private sector adding 137,000 jobs:

“The jobs growth reported today is stronger than expected but not nearly good enough when millions of Americans remain unemployed, and millions more are struggling to make ends meet. Our job will not be complete until all Americans who want to work are able to find jobs and support their families.

“On Tuesday, we will vote on President Obama’s jobs bill, which cuts taxes for the middle class and puts Americans back to work building roads, bridges and schools – and pays for these job-creating programs by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. Economist Mark Zandi said today that failing to pass the bill’s tax cut for the middle class could lead to a double-dip recession. I hope Republicans will listen, and do the right thing for our economy by working with Democrats to create jobs.”