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‘BOOM!’: Grover Brags About Bullying Senate’s No. 2 Republican on Taxes

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In an interview with Politico today, Grover Norquist can’t help but brag about his strangle-hold on Republicans in Congress. In a striking revelation, he even brags about scolding No. 2 Senate Republican Jon Kyl for suggesting openness to closing tax loopholes – prompting Kyl to perform his penance on the Senate floor.

Politico writes:

Sometimes, he said, he has to yank a wandering leader back into line, as he said he did with Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) in May. Kyl publicly ruled out raising tax rates to bring in revenue, which was interpreted by some observers as leaving the door open to a variety of tax increases that wouldn’t involve rate changes.

“So, I call Kyl. ‘What did you say? What did you mean? How can we work together on this?’” Norquist said, adopting the tone of a teacher scolding a second grader as he recalled the conversation.

“Yes, I said rates,” Kyl said, as Norquist recalled.

“And then,” Norquist said, “he went down on the floor, and he gave a colloquy about how we’re against any tax increases of any sort. Boom!”

Kyl, a longtime proponent of lower taxes, didn’t have a comment, his office said.

That’s an awful lot of influence for “some random person.”