Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On November Unemployment Figures

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after the release of unemployment figures for November. According to the Department of Labor, the U.S. added 140,000 private-sector jobs in November, and the unemployment rate dropped to a two-year low of 8.6 percent.

“This news is a reminder that we must continue using every tool at our disposal to get our economy growing and get Americans back to work. Too many families in Nevada and across America are struggling. One of the most effective things we can do for them is to put  more money in their pockets. Unfortunately, Republicans last night blocked a $1,500 tax cut for the middle class that would have spurred job creation. Republicans proved once again that the only tax cuts they will fight for are giveaways for millionaires and billionaires.

“Democrats will continue our focus on creating jobs. I hope Republicans will put politics aside and join us in fighting for the middle class.”