Senate Democrats

Reid On Republican Obstruction Of Mari Carmen Aponte’s Confirmation As Ambassador To El Salvador

Washington, D.C.Nevada Sen. Harry Reid issued the following statement after Republicans blocked the confirmation of Mari Carmen Aponte as U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador:

“Senate Republicans once again put politics above policy by blocking the confirmation of a dedicated public servant. In the fifteen months Mari Carmen Aponte has served as our ambassador to El Salvador, she finalized an important international, anti-crime agreement and forged a strong partnership between our nations. The Puerto Rican community and all Americans are right to be proud of Ms. Aponte’s accomplishments as a diplomat representing our nation, as I am.

“I am disappointed Republicans continued a long-running trend of obstructing qualified nominees just to score political points. Unfortunately, defeating President Obama is more important to Senate Republicans than confirming qualified nominees to represent our country in Latin America.”