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After Months of Opposing Tax Cut Altogether, House GOP Now Claims Extension Is Too Short

The GOP’s latest excuse for opposing a middle-class tax cut is the most desperate one yet.

After spending months opposing any extension of the tax cut, Speaker John Boehner and other top Republicans now say the Senate’s bipartisan compromise doesn’t extend it for long enough.

Republicans will say anything to disguise their opposition to tax relief for middle-class families.

Take a look at what leading House Republicans have said previously about the payroll tax cut and what they are saying now. You have to see it to believe it…

House Republican What They Said Before What They Say Now
Speaker John Boehner “House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called proposals to extend or expand the payroll tax cut ‘another little short-term gimmick.’” [AP, 6/23/11] “We oppose the Senate bill because doing a two-month extension instead of a full year extension causes uncertainty for job creators. [Boehner Remarks, 12/19/11]
Majority Leader Eric Cantor Cantor spokesman said: “If the goal is job creation, Leader Cantor has long believed that there are better ways to grow the economy and create jobs than temporary payroll tax relief.” [NY Times, 8/25/11] “A 60 day punt on the payroll tax cut extension isn’t acceptable – the American people deserve better”
[Cantor Press Twitter, 12/19/11]
Rep. Tom Reed REED CALLS DEMOCRATS’ TAX PLAN A THREAT TO SOCIAL SECURITY” [Reed Press Release, 12/3/11] “We should do at least a year’s extension, if not further.” [New York Times, 12/19/11]
Rep. John Campbell According to CBS News: “Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) said that nothing could convince him to support the payroll tax extension…”[CBS News, 12/2/11] “[The Senate compromise] just means we have this whole month again in February, and we’ll start from scratch again. We don’t need to do that, that’s dumb.” [Roll Call, 12/16/11]
Rep. Tom Cole “I have serious reservations about the payroll tax holiday at a time when Social Security and Medicare both face serious financial challenges and long-term insolvency.’” [Tulsa World, 12/8/10] “The two-month thing is what really sticks in the throat of our people” [Roll Call, 12/19/11]