Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Resignation Of White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley, Appointment Of Jack Lew As Replacement

Washington, D.C. Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement on the resignation of White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley and the appointment of Budget Director Jack Lew as his successor:

“I applaud President Obama’s selection of Jack Lew as the new White House Chief of Staff. Jack is a consummate professional with intimate knowledge of Congress. His decades of experience ranging from working in Congress, to managing our country’s budget, to facilitating our foreign policy, make him uniquely qualified to handle this challenging job.

“I have a deep respect for Bill Daley’s dedication to public service. Bill served his country through a tumultuous year in which Republicans’ unprecedented obstructionism turned every issue into an all-or-nothing battle. Handling crises few chiefs of staff have had to face, Bill navigated the White House through two near government shut-downs and a debt ceiling fight that threatened to send our economy back into a depression. Bill helped avert those crises.

“I wish Bill well in his future plans, and look forward to a close collaboration with Jack Lew and his staff.”