Senate Democrats

Reid Commends Settlement To Provide Relief To Homeowners In Nevada And Across The Country

Washington D.C. Nevada Senator Harry Reid today praised the housing settlement between states, including Nevada, and five banks that will provide relief to homeowners in Nevada and throughout the nation:

“Today’s settlement is a welcome step forward in our efforts to help struggling homeowners and hold big banks accountable for their abusive foreclosure practices across the country, especially in Nevada. But we still have much more work to do to help homeowners get back on their feet. When Wall Street greed caused the economy to collapse, the housing market collapsed along with it, and no state has been hit harder than ours.

“I support President Obama’s recent efforts to reduce hurdles to refinancing loans, and will continue doing everything I can to give homeowners in our state the tools they need to stay in their homes. I commend Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto for the work she has done with this settlement and I am confident that it will bring relief to countless families across Nevada and the nation.”