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Extreme Blunt Amendment Could Put At Risk Preventive Care For Over 20M Women – Including Access To Contraception, Mammograms And Prenatal Screenings

An Estimated 20.4 Million Women Are Currently Benefiting From Preventive Health Services Guaranteed Under Affordable Care Act

Blunt Amendment Is So Far Reaching It Would Allow Any Corporation or Health Plan to Deny Women and Their Families Access to These Services For Virtually Any Reason

Amendment Set to Receive Senate Vote As Early As This Week

Washington, DC – Today the Democratic Policy and Communications Center released state-by-state data on the potential impact of Senator Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) so called “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act” on women’s access to preventive care.  Data recently compiled by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows that an estimated 20.4 million women are now taking advantage of preventive health care services provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the Blunt legislation could put their access to these services at risk.  These services will include contraception, mammograms, pre-natal screenings, cervical cancer screenings, flu shots and much more.  The legislation has been introduced as an amendment to the surface transportation bill and will likely get a vote in the Senate as early as this week.

A state by state breakdown of the data can be found below and here.

Under the Affordable Care Act many insurance plans are now required to provide free coverage for certain recommended preventive health services.  The Blunt Amendment is so extreme that it would allow any corporation or health plan to deny access to these services, for any reason.  It provides employers with extraordinarily wide and unprecedented latitude over what should be covered.  A corporation could decide, for example, that cancer screenings are driving up their insurance costs and remove them from their health plan.  An employer could also deny prenatal care for expecting mothers.

Estimated Number of Women That Could Lose Access to Preventive Care Under the Blunt Amendment
State Women
Alabama 319,000
Alaska 44,000
Arizona 389,000
Arkansas 170,000
California 2,286,000
Colorado 362,000
Connecticut 270,000
Delaware 61,000
District of Columbia 47,000
Florida 1,104,000
Georgia 654,000
Hawaii 90,000
Idaho 100,000
Illinois 898,000
Indiana 421,000
Iowa 225,000
Kansas 198,000
Kentucky 274,000
Louisiana 275,000
Maine 91,000
Maryland 448,000
Massachusetts 517,000
Michigan 692,000
Minnesota 392,000
Mississippi 167,000
Missouri 408,000
Montana 62,000
Nebraska 134,000
Nevada 171,000
New Hampshire 107,000
New Jersey 628,000
New Mexico 111,000
New York 1,322,000
North Carolina 600,000
North Dakota 49,000
Ohio 797,000
Oklahoma 236,000
Oregon 273,000
Pennsylvania 915,000
Rhode Island 76,000
South Carolina 296,000
South Dakota 56,000
Tennessee 401,000
Texas 1,421,000
Utah 199,000
Vermont 47,000
Virginia 576,000
Washington 483,000
West Virginia 113,000
Wisconsin 413,000
Wyoming 36,000
TOTAL 20,424,000

Data comes from the Department of Health and Human Services –