Senate Democrats

Top Republicans Blast Senate GOP Bid To Restrict Contraception

Party Divisions Sparked By Blunt Amendment That Would Ban Contraceptive Coverage For Any Woman Whose Boss Has Personal Objection

Snowe: ‘Much Broader Than I Could Support’ … Murkowksi: ‘Don’t Know Where We Are Going With This Issue’

Sen. Olympia Snowe: “With Respect To The Blunt Amendment, It’s Much Broader Than I Could Support.” [MSNBC, 2/29/12]

Sen. Murkowski: “I Don’t Know Where We Are Going With This Issue.” “But other Republicans said that the party had other priorities and that they wanted more information about how the new requirement would work. ‘I don’t know where we are going with this issue,’ said Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska. Ms. Murkowski said she did not want a vote on the issue this week. ‘We’ve got way too much else to be doing,’ Ms. Murkowski said, adding that her constituents were more concerned about energy policy.” [New York Times, 2/29/12]

Joe Scarborough Warns Republicans: In Debate Over Contraception, “Republicans Will Get Routed in Swing Areas.” Scarborough: “My warning last week was to the Obama administration this week it is to the Republicans… They need to be very careful about how they push forward on this issue, because if it stops being about freedom of religion and starts being about contraception then Republicans will get routed in swing areas.”  [MSNBC, 2/14/12]

Illinois GOP Party Chair: Contraceptive Debate “Hurts Us With Independents.”  Illinois Republican Party chair Pat Brady said of the contraceptive debate, “it hurts us with independents.” [Chicago Sun-Times, 2/28/12]

Top Senate GOP Aide: “There Could Be Consequences” For Taking Aim At Women’s Health. “But there’s worry even within his own party that his proposal goes too far and could unleash a voter backlash in a year the GOP hopes to wrest control of the White House and Senate from Democrats. ‘There is a concern his amendment was written too broadly,’ said a top Senate GOP aide. ‘There is fear that it will shift attention from religious freedom to women’s health. If that happens, there could be consequences.’” [Politico, 2/29/12]

Former Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani: “It Makes The Party Look Like it Isn’t a Modern Party.” “‘It makes the party look like it isn’t a modern party,’ Rudy Giuliani told CNN’s Erin Burnett, fretting about the candidates’ Cotton Mather attitude about women and gays. ‘It doesn’t understand the modern world that we live in.’” [NY Times, 2/25/12]

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson: Party Should “Move On” To More Pressing Issues. “Emerson said the party could be better served to accept the ruling and focus on more pressing issues. ‘I think getting the president to compromise on [the ruling] was a significant victory, and people should embrace it and move on,’ she said.” [USA Today, 2/17/12]

Republican Adviser Juleanna Glover: Women Will Think All Republicans Oppose Birth Control. “Republican adviser and hostess Juleanna Glover said on her Facebook page that women will think all Republicans oppose birth control ‘and none but the 1 percent of Catholic women who never used birth control will vote for (the) GOP nominee.’” [AP, 2/23/12]

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard Said “He Was Worried The Debate Over Such Issues Might Alienate Uncommitted Voters.”  “Some Republican governors voiced concern that social issues like contraception and gay marriage had at times eclipsed discussion of the economy in the primary race.  ‘I do agree those social issues are not as significant as some of the economic and fiscal issues that really threaten our way of life,’ South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard said, saying he was worried the debate over such issues might alienate uncommitted voters.” [AP, 2/25/12]