Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Alternative Cybersecurity Legislation

Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement after Senators McCain, Hutchison, Chambliss, and others introduced an alternative cybersecurity bill today:

“This legislation demonstrates an encouraging willingness from Senators McCain, Hutchison, Chambliss and others on both sides of the aisle to engage in a constructive and open-minded debate about urgently needed cybersecurity legislation. Perhaps the most important contribution of this legislation is to highlight areas of broad agreement that should be included in a final comprehensive cybersecurity measure. It is an imperative for our national security that such a measure also address cybersecurity in the nation’s most critical infrastructure.  I look forward to a debate on the Senate floor that will ensure this bill and other proposals get a fair hearing, and which will allow thorough consideration of amendments to improve the legislation.

“The Department of Defense has warned us that the cyber threat to our nation’s security and economy is growing each day, and addressing it must be an urgent priority.”