Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Senate Defeat Of Republican Proposal To Let Employers Deny Women Access To Contraception Coverage

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after the Senate voted 51-48 to defeat a Republican amendment that would have let employers deny women access to health care coverage for contraception and other preventive health services:

“Today’s vote showed us a great deal about where Republicans’ priorities lie. Instead of working with Democrats to create jobs, Republicans are trying to deny women access to health care services like contraception. Democrats are trying to move forward with a bill that would create or save nearly two million American jobs. But at the urging of the Tea Party, Republicans are obstructing this jobs bill with unrelated amendments like the one we defeated today.

“Republicans’ proposal to let any employer deny women access to contraceptives would not create a single job. Under Republicans’ proposal, over 170,000 women could lose access to contraception coverage and other health services in Nevada alone.

“The American public wants us to work on bipartisan ways to create jobs – not re-fight the culture wars. I truly hope my Republican colleagues will get the message, and work with us on middle-of-the-road solutions to create jobs and grow our economy.”