Senate Democrats

At least 3 roll call votes at 11:30am–re: Surface Transportation

The Senate is in a period of morning business for 1 hour. Following morning business (approx. 10:36am), we will resume consideration of S.1813, Surface Transportation, with the time until 11:30am equally divided.


The only remaining first degree amendments in order to the transportation bill are the ones listed below. At 11:30am, we expect to have roll call votes on Boxer #1816, Paul #1556, and passage of 1813, Surface Transportation, as amended. I’ve noted what we expect to happen on the remaining amendments below.


–       Corker #1810 (fail by voice vote)

–       Carper #1670 (may make a statement, but is not expected to offer)

–       Hutchison #1568 (may make a statement, but is not expected to offer)

–       McCain #1669, as modified (will be withdrawn—included in the managers’ package)

–       Alexander #1779 (pass by voice vote)

–       Boxer #1816 (roll call vote)

–       Paul #1556 (roll call vote)

–       Shaheen #1678 (included in managers’ package, will not be offered)