Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Democrats’ Defense Of American Workers

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after Senate Democrats unanimously rejected a Republican amendment that would have overturned a rule by the National Labor Relations Board. The rule removed frivolous obstacles corporate executives often use to block employees from forming a union.

“Senate Democrats stood up for the right of working men and women to organize and negotiate their terms of employment through an enforceable contract. This rule gives workers the same rights that CEOs already enjoy – nothing more and nothing less.

“Republicans continue to push measures that squeeze the middle class while protecting the wealthiest Americans. Had Republicans succeeded in their effort today, executives could have continued using lawsuits and intimidation to thwart their employees’ ability to bargain. Democrats will continue to fight for American workers. I hope that my Republican colleagues finally start putting the middle class ahead of the interests of millionaires.”