Senate Democrats

Series of up to 9 roll call votes at 2pm

At 2pm the Senate will resume voting on the remaining amendments to S.1789, Postal Reform, and on passage of the bill. At this point, we expect there will be up to 9 roll call votes. While each amendment is subject to a vote, the ones denoted with an asterisk represent the most likely targets for a roll call vote.


Manchin #2079 (extend moratorium on closings)**;


Paul #2026 (performance based bonuses);

Bingaman #2076 (state liaisons);

Paul #2027 (capitol complex)**;


Cardin #2040 (50 mile limit);

Paul #2028 (alternative methods pilot program)**;

Carper #2065 (stamp rate authority);


Paul #2029 (profitability plan);

Carper #2066 (executive compensation);

Paul #2039 (prohibit collective bargaining)**;


Casey #2042 (delivery time)**;

Paul #2038 (first class mail and mailbox use);

Landrieu #2072 (impact on small businesses);


DeMint #2046 (unions)**;

McCaskill #2030 compensation reforms);

Coburn #2059 (close unprofitable facilities)**;


Pryor #2036 (SoS re: closing and consolidation);

Rockefeller #2073 (Medicare coordination);

Rockefeller #2074 (health benefits program);


Schumer #2050 (delivery point services)**;

Tester #2032 (executive pay);

Warner #2071, with modification to be agreed to by two Managers (OPM retirement implementation plan); and


– Passage of S.1789, as amended**.


As a reminder, all votes after the first vote will be 10 minutes in duration with 2 minutes for debate equally divided prior to each vote. All amendments and passage are subject to 60 vote thresholds.