Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On President Obama’s Legislative Priorities For Job Creation

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after President Obama laid out a series of legislative priorities to strengthen the nation’s economy and create jobs.

“The priorities President Obama outlined today would strengthen our economic recovery and create jobs. Senate Democrats will act on these common-sense, job-creating proposals, and I hope Republicans will join us instead of continuing to obstruct every solution proposed by the President.

“One of the items the President advanced is a tax cut to spur small business hiring that I introduced with Senators Casey, Landrieu and others. I will move to consider this proposal in the coming days. The legislation provides tax credits to small businesses that increase their payrolls and faster write-offs for those that invest in new equipment. It is difficult to see why anyone who wants to see job creation accelerate would oppose this proposal.

“Since President Obama was sworn in, Republicans have done nothing but block our economic recovery, protect wealthy, special interests and make life harder for the middle class. The proposals President Obama outlined today provide Republicans with an opportunity to change course, and put our economy ahead of partisan politics.”