Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Judicial Ruling Against Union Election Rules

WASHINGTONSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after a district court overturned a rule issued by the National Labor Relations Board, which gives employees the same bargaining tools that CEOs possess. The court overturned the rule because it believed there was not a sufficient quorum after the board’s Republican member, Brian Hayes, did not vote:

“The ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia encourages politically motivated behavior by board members with a partisan agenda. A board member has the right to voice disapproval of a rule by voting ‘no,’ but a single member should not be allowed to derail the entire process by refusing to vote at all. The Board had a quorum, and they acted appropriately to protect the rights of working Americans. I hope the board takes steps to ensure the rule is preserved.
“It is encouraging that the court took no issue with the merits of the rule, which was recently upheld by a bipartisan Senate vote. I am confident these merits will be reaffirmed in future court actions.”