Senate Democrats

Votes in relation to S.3187, the FDA bill, as early as 12:15pm

There is a strong effort have 2 votes at 12:15pm, break for the DPCC lunch and then resume voting at 2:00pm. We hope to vote in relation to Bingaman amendment #2111 and Murkowski amendment #2108 before lunch.


The following amendments were agreed to by consent:


–          Leahy amendment #2142, as modified;

–          Portman amendment #2145, as modified; and

–          Coburn amendment #2131.


Coburn amendment #2132 was withdrawn.


Portman amendment #2146, as modified, was agreed to by voice vote.


Today’s votes include:


– Bingaman amendment #2111 (generic filings) (60-vote threshold);

– McCain amendment #2107 (reimportation) (60-vote threshold);

– Sanders amendment #2109 (criminal fraud/exclusivity) (60-vote threshold);

– Murkowski amendment #2108 (genetically engineered salmon) (60-vote threshold);

– Durbin amendment #2127 (dietary supplements);

– Paul amendment #2143 (supplements);

– Burr amendment #2130 (Congress – user fee negotiations);

– Passage of S.3187, as amended

–up to 10 minutes for debate–

–          McConnell, or his designee, amendment, which is identical to the text of S.2366, the Interest Rate Reduction Act (60-vote threshold) and

–          Passage of S.2343, as amended, if amended (60-vote threshold).