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The Next Casualty of Eric Cantor’s Senioritis?

Remember This?

 Eric Cantor: Congress goes from policy to politicking
“And on Tuesday, Cantor all but predicted 2012 substantively over. The Senate isn’t passing spending bills and is not talking about working to blunt the automatic defense cuts. The two sides remain too far apart on taxes and entitlements. The rest of the year, Cantor said, will likely be about sending ‘signal[s] that we’ve actually gotten with the reality here, that we have huge problems to deal with.’”


Cantor is following through…

Eric Cantor hits pause on farm bill action
“The House Agriculture Committee is abruptly pulling back from its planned farm bill markup next week, amid signs that Republican leaders want a pause to consider how to proceed given the progress made in the Senate on its five-year bill… [Chairman Frank Lucas] confirmed the change in plans, which came after discussions with Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).”

“Cantor’s involvement is an ominous sign …”