Senate Democrats

Does Mitch McConnell Want To Vote on President Obama’s Tax Cut Proposal Or Not?

9:43 am Wednesday
McConnell Asks for Vote on President’s Tax Cuts
McConnell: “I ask unanimous consent that … the first two amendments in order to the bill be the Hatch-McConnell amendment No. 2491 … and a Reid or designee amendment to enact the President’s proposal…”
[Floor Remarks, 7/11/12]

6:22 pm Wednesday
Reid Offers Vote on President’s Tax Cuts
Reid: “Democrats are ready to have those votes right away and we will do it with a simple majority…”
[Floor Remarks, 7/11/12]

6:24 pm Wednesday
McConnell: ‘Never Mind’
McConnell: “… I cannot agree to this request, and therefore I object.”
[Floor Remarks, 7/11/12]