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GOP Architects Of Automatic Defense Cuts Are Now Trying To Wiggle Out Of Them

“If the defense cuts are Obama’s, they are also John Boehner’s, Eric Cantor’s, Mitch McConnell’s and Jon Kyl’s.”
[Milbank, Opinion, Washington Post, 7/25/12 

“The bill passed with the votes of a majority of House and Senate Republicans and the encouragement of — wait for it — Mitt Romney.”
[Milbank, Opinion, Washington Post, 7/25/12]

“The GOP refused to include automatic tax increases as part of this sequester. But automatic cuts to national defense? This Republicans were willing to risk.” [Thiessen, Opinion, Washington Post, 3/15/12]


Republicans Chose to Cut Defense Rather Than Cut Millionaire Tax Breaks

Republican Refusal to Consider Revenues Resulted in Sequestration. “To bridge the divide, McConnell and administration officials had been trying all week to design a mechanism to force the committee to act, giving Republicans their cuts and Obama his debt-limit increase. Republicans were opposed to a trigger that would force automatic tax increases; Democrats were opposed to a trigger with spending cuts only. On Saturday, Democrats appeared to have conceded the point in exchange for big automatic defense cuts, which they said would give Republicans a powerful incentive to work with Democrats toward a more palatable compromise.” [Washington Post, 7/31/11]

American Enterprise Institute Scholar March Thiessen: “The GOP Refused To Include Automatic Tax Increases As Part Of This Sequester. But Automatic Cuts To National Defense? This Republicans Were Willing To Risk.” “The GOP shares a large part of the blame for putting our military in this predicament. As part of last year’s Budget Control Act, Republicans agreed to $600 billion in automatic defense cuts (scheduled to begin in January 2013) if the congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee failed to reach agreement. The GOP refused to include automatic tax increases as part of this sequester. But automatic cuts to national defense? This Republicans were willing to risk.” [Washington Post, 3/15/12]


Majority of Republicans in Both Chambers Voted for Sequestration as Part of BCA

174 House Republicans Voted For the BCA—Including 106 from the Republican Study Committee:

Speaker Boehner Called the BCA “A Positive Step Forward.” “This is a positive step forward that begins to rein in federal spending…” [Press Release, 8/1/11]

Majority Leader Cantor Called the BCA “The First Significant Move” “To Turn Washington Around.” The agreement “…will finally begin to change the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars. As is the case with any major change, these things will take time and this is the first significant move – of many to come – to turn Washington around.” [Press Release,8/1/11]

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Said The BCA “Takes The Critical First Steps Toward Bringing Fiscal Responsibility Back To Washington.” “This legislation … takes the critical first steps toward bringing fiscal responsibility back to Washington.” [Press Release, 8/1/11′]

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) Called The BCA “A Bipartisan Compromise Providing At Least $2.1 Trillion In Deficit Reduction.” “I voted on August 1 for the Budget Control Act, a bipartisan compromise providing at least $2.1 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade forged by Speaker Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and President Obama …” [Press Release, 8/4/11]

28 Senate Republicans Voted for the BCA:

Sen. McConnell Praised The Budget Control Act As One Of The “Things We Agree On”, “Will Get Us A Trillion Dollars In Savings Over 10 Years.” McConnell said, “Well, regretfully, it never gets talked about, but there actually are things we agree on. We passed the Budget Control Act last August, this past August. It will get us a trillion dollars in savings over 10 years.” [Meet the Press, 9/18/11]

Sen. McConnell Said the BCA “Puts us on the Path to Recovery.” The deal “… puts us on the path to recovery. We’re nowhere near where we need to be in terms of restoring balance. But there should be absolutely no doubt about this: we have changed the debate. We’re headed in the right direction.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Alexander Said BCA Was “Welcome Change In Behavior That I am Glad to Support.” “Finally, Washington is taking some responsibility for years of spending money we don’t have. At a time when the federal government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends, this is a welcome change in behavior that I am glad to support. Make no mistake. This is a change in behavior—from spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut.” [Floor Remarks, 8/2/11]

Sen. Barrasso Called BCA “A Victory Over More Wasteful Washington Spending.”“… this agreement is a victory over more wasteful Washington spending…” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Boozman Said BCA “Gives Us Some Direction Toward A Long-Term Solution To Our Financial Problems.” “This bill, while far from perfect, is certainly a step in the right direction.  It saves our nation from defaulting on our obligations while combining real spending cuts with a mandatory vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment.  It cuts deficit spending without raising taxes.  It gives us some direction toward a long-term solution to our financial problems.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Cochran Called BCA “a Significant Step Forward in the Long Process of Getting our Fiscal House in Order.” “I see this measure as a significant step forward in the long process of getting our fiscal house in order.” [Press Release, 8/1/11]

Sen. Crapo Said BCA “Requires Serious Reforms That Carry Weight” To Deficit Reduction. “For years, our country has been headed down the road to this unprecedented and unsustainable fiscal crisis.  It requires serious reforms that carry enforcement and weight beyond this Congress and into the future.  This legislation starts us on that path.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Hoeven. Called BCA “An Essential Step” Towards Growing Our Economy. “It is also an essential step toward addressing the most pressing long-range challenge our nation faces: creating jobs and growing our economy.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Hutchison Said BCA “Moves Us In the Right Direction.” “The Senate vote today endorsed an agreement that, while not perfect, makes serious spending cuts, with no tax increases, and moves us in the right direction.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Isakson Commended BCA Sequester “Enough Teeth and Enough Fear” to Force Action. “As far as the select committee, there was a fear among many that it would only be a paper tiger; that it would not have the claws or the teeth to actually do what it needs to do on the cuts. While I would have done a different type of sequestration, I commend those who negotiated this sequestration on putting one in that has enough teeth and enough fear to force this select committee to do what it needs to do.” [Floor Remarks, 8/2/11]

Sen. Lugar Called Mandatory Sequester Cuts “A Victory for Conservative Fiscal Responsibility.” “Additional deficit reductions will be determined by Congress and not an outside commission nor the PresidentIf the Congress fails to find agreement, then mandatory cuts kick in. This is also a victory for conservative fiscal responsibility.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Murkowski Said the BCA Had “Real Teeth,” Including “Triggers Requiring Future Action.” “The deal has real teeth – serious reforms, significant spending cuts, future spending caps and triggers requiring future action … ” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Portman Called BCA “A Step in the Right Direction.” “This is a step in the right direction because it begins to address Washington’s addiction to higher spending and dangerous levels of debt. It is only a first step and there is more to do, but I support the agreement because for the first time ever it begins to address Washington’s underlying spending problem while raising the debt ceiling and avoiding default.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Risch Called BCA “A Step in the Right Direction.” “This is a step in the right direction.  We are making actual cuts to government spending, putting spending controls in place and providing for a vote on a balanced budget amendment without raising taxes.” [Press Release,8/2/11]

Sen. Sessions Said BCA “Does Represent Fiscal Progress.” “This bill will reduce spending and does represent fiscal progress.” [Floor Remarks, 8/2/11]

Sen. Snowe Called BCA “The First Step” To Control Spending. “… It was the first step in what will be many to reclaim control over the U.S. Government’s out-of-control spending. This bill cuts current spending, it caps future spending, and it controls previously unrestrained government budgets over the next decade, while also protecting critical Social Security benefits.” [Press Release, 8/2/11]

Sen. Thune Called BCA “A Good First Step” “With the deck stacked that heavily against Republicans, we were able to negotiate a deal that is a good first step in the opposite direction President Obama and Congressional Democrats wanted to take this country.” [Press Release,8/2/11]

Sen. Wicker Said “The Budget Control Act Makes Real Spending Cuts and Represents a Change in Direction for Washington.” [Press Release, 8/1/11]


The Chamber of Commerce Championed the BCA Deal

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce On Debt Deal: “This Legislation Is The Right Thing To Do.” In a key vote letter supporting the Budget Control Act of 2011, the US Chamber of Commerce said: “… this legislation is the right thing to do, now. … The Chamber strongly supports the ‘Budget Control Act of 2011..’” [U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, Key Vote Letter, 8/1/11]

Chamber President Said “This Bill Begins The Process Of Getting America’s Fiscal House In Order And Was Necessary To Avoid A Default.” ‘While far from perfect, this bill begins the process of getting America’s fiscal house in order and was necessary to avoid a default that would have resulted in an economic catastrophe,’ said Tom Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” [Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/2/11]