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Party Split Causes House GOP To Abandon U.S. Farmers


AP: Republicans Pull Farm Bill “Amid Continued Resistance from Many Conservatives…” “But GOP leaders pulled that measure from Wednesday’s floor schedule amid continued resistance from many conservatives and after Democrats announced opposition to the measure.” [AP, 8/1/12]

Politico: Boehner Has Blocked the Farm Bill “For Fear Of A Messy Fight Dividing His Party.” “The Senate approved its farm bill in June, but Boehner has so far blocked House action for fear of a messy fight dividing his party.” [Politico, 8/1/12]

The Hill: Boehner “Want[ed] to Avoid Intraparty Battle” On Farm Bill. “Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his lieutenants, wanting to avoid an intraparty battle on a $957 billion five-year bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee, scheduled a vote on a one-year farm program extension that includes drought relief provisions. [The Hill, 7/30/12]

New York Times: “Republican Leaders Have Found Themselves Caught In A Squeeze Between Their Party’s Most Ardent Conservatives And Drought-Ridden Farmers…“The House speaker, John A. Boehner, and other Republican leaders have found themselves caught in a squeeze between their party’s most ardent conservatives and drought-ridden farmers, with just days left before a monthlong August recess.” [NY Times, 7/30/12]

Politico: Boehner Pulled Farm Bill Extension “Facing Certain Defeat “Facing certain defeat, Republicans pulled their one-year farm bill extension from the House docket late Tuesday in favor of a narrower $383 million disaster aid package to address the immediate needs of drought-stricken livestock producers.” [Politico, 8/1/12]



Sen. Coats (R-IN) Urged the House “To Follow this Body in Passing the Farm Bill”: “First of all, while it is beyond our jurisdiction here, and perhaps it is a little bit out of line for me to talk about this, I am urging the Congress, specifically in this case the House of Representatives, to follow this body in passing the farm bill.” [Floor Remarks, 7/25/12]

Sen. Grassley (R-IA) Said “We Should Not Delay Any Longer. The Farm Bill is Too Important to All Americans to Leave it in Limbo…” “So I say mostly to the other body, because right now that is where the action is and where we hope it will take place, we should not delay any longer. The farm bill is too important to all Americans to leave it in limbo. We need to get a farm bill to the President.” [Floor Remarks, 7/25/12]

Sen. Hoeven (R-ND) Called on “Our House Colleagues to Act on the Farm Bill…” “But Senator Coats also made a very important point a few minutes ago; that is, we already have farmers and ranchers–our producers–in a situation where they face difficult times because of the drought. So I join him in calling on our House colleagues to act on the farm bill. I think it is very important we pass a farm bill, as we have in the Senate.” [Floor Remarks, 7/25/12]

38 House Republicans Urged House Leadership to Pass A Farm Bill Before August Recess. “The message from our constituents and rural America is clear: we need a farm bill now. We ask that you bring a farm bill up before the August District Work Period so that the House will have the opportunity to work its will. We ask that you make this legislation a priority of the House as it is critically important to rural and urban Americans alike.” [Letter to House Leadership, 7/19/12]

Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND) Said “Now Is The Time For The House To Act” on the Farm Bill.“North Dakota farmers and ranchers need the stability that this farm bill can bring, and it needs to be a long term authorization. Now is the time for the house to act.” [Floor Remarks,7/19/12]

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) Said “Congress Needs to Address these Issues Now…” “The legislation is not perfect, and I’ll keep working to improve it, but Congress needs to address these issues now before the current law expires to prevent unnecessary hardships on the folks in Montana hit by drought conditions.” [Press Release, 7/20/12]