Senate Democrats

Reid Statement Remembering September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Washington, D.C.- U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement in remembrance of the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2011:

I remember the bright, blue morning of September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. And while our country has begun to heal from the wounds of those terrible attacks over the last decade, the scars remain. No matter how many years pass, we’ll never forget the thousands of innocent people who died in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. They were mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brother and sisters, spouses and friends / who were simply doing their jobs or catching a plane. So it is fitting that we pause each year to pay tribute – and to remember.

The memories of that dark day in our shared history are painful, but they give me hope as well. On September 11th, and during the difficult months that followed, Americans showed the world how a unified nation can fight back against darkness and fear. In the face of great evil, so many rushed forward to show great courage, dignity and kindness.

So today we also pause to remember the firefighters, who rushed into the World Trade Center, knowing they might never come out. We pause to remember the police officers and rescue workers who hurried to the scene, combed through the debris and shepherded New Yorkers to safety. Some of them gave their lives that day. We pause to remember the bravery of the members of our nation’s Armed Forces, intelligence community and Foreign Service, as well as the sacrifices of their families, who have borne the burdens of war for more than a decade. Too many have given their lives to the effort to crush al Qaeda, bring Osama bin Laden to justice and keep America safe. And we pause to remember the unbreakable spirit of these United States of America.