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Across Country, House GOP Feels Heat Over Stalled Farm Bill

Bloomberg: Republicans Help Senate’s Democrats by Delaying Farm Help … Omaha World-Herald: “Farm Bill Pits GOP Against Each Other” … Des Moines Register: “GOP Leaders Shy Away From New Farm Bill”


BuzzFeed: On Farm Bill, “GOP Remains No Closer” To Resolving Internal Dispute.“Despite months of negotiations amongst House Republicans over the $1.2 trillion farm bill reauthorization – which includes federal food stamp funding – the GOP remains no closer to resolving an internal dispute between farm state lawmakers and fiscal hawks bent on cutting spending.” [BuzzFeed, 9/14/12]

Politico: House GOP’s handling of farm bill “spiral[ing] downward.” “…The House farm bill debate spirals downward and Republicans prepare to go home Friday without acting on the bipartisan five-year plan reported in July. [Politico, 9/17/12]



Grand Folks (ND) Herald Editorial: Farm Bill Bottled up by House Republican Leaders.“The new Farm Bill remains bottled up by House leaders, even though the current one expires in two weeks. Contrast that with the Senate, where a comparable bill passed the full membership, also by a bipartisan supermajority. Why won’t Republican leaders even let the House vote? The answer is that they’re ideologues (or in thrall to an ideological caucus) and scorn even effective programs that seem to be arms of ‘big government.’” [Grand Forks Herald, 9/17/12]

Omaha World-Herald: Farm Bill Has “Sown Disagreement” Among Republicans.“Deadline pressure to pass the farm bill has sown disagreement among even the Midlands Republicans who typically work together on a bill vital to their districts.” [Omaha World-Herald, 9/15/12]

Waterville (ME) Morning Sentinel: “House Republican Leaders Have Yet To Allow A Floor Vote, Apparently Because Of Divisions Within Their Own Ranks.” “Competing versions of a farm bill — which encompasses everything from crop subsidies to disaster relief and food stamps — have passed the full Senate and the House Agriculture Committee. But House Republican leaders have yet to allow a floor vote, apparently because of divisions within their own ranks (even though the bill is widely believed to have enough votes to pass, albeit with Democratic help).” [Morning Sentinel, 9/17/12]

Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle Editorial: Farm Bill Stalled in the House Thanks to Tea Party. “Take the Farm Bill, which expires at the end of this month. The Senate passed a five-year version of a new bill back in June. But the measure has stalled in the House, where the tea party branch of the Republican majority wants deeper cuts in food stamp spending.” [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 9/15/12]

River Bend (IL) Telegraph Editorial: “The Full House Has Not Done Its Job” “The Senate has done its job and voted on the 557-page proposal and its 100 amendments. The House Agriculture Committee has done its job and sent the proposal to the full House. That’s where it has sat, gathering moss and venom because the full House has not done its job.” [Telegraph,9/18/12]