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House GOP Heads For Exits, Leaving Farm Bill ‘To Die On Vine’

GOP Lawmakers Take More Hits At Home After Boehner Pulls Plug On Key Priority 


CNN: House GOP Punts On Farm Bill. “House Republican leaders announced Thursday they will not take action on a new farm bill until after the November elections — a sign of sharp internal GOP divisions on a critical political issue for many members of Congress.” [CNN, 9/20/12]

Washington Times: Farm Bill Left to Die On Vine before Recess. “The situation leaves lawmakers — particularly Republicans in the House where the measure has indefinitely stalled — fretting about having to face voters without the popular subsidies in hand.” [Washington Times, 9/20/12]



Great Falls (MT) Tribune: Stalled Farm Bill Gives Ammo to Democrats. “The failure of the Republican-controlled House to pass a new farm bill is providing fresh fodder for Democratic candidates in South Dakota and other rural states seeking to woo swing voters ahead of the November election. … House GOP leaders have been unwilling to bring either bill to a vote for fear that they do not have the 218 votes needed to pass it.” [Great Falls Tribune, 9/21/12]

Jamestown (ND) Sun: Farm Bill Fumble? Area Farm Group Leaders: Congress Dropped The Ball. “Frustration. Disappointment. Uncertainty. Those are the words that area farmers and farm group leaders are using to describe their reaction to the failed effort to pass a new farm bill before the Sept. 30 deadline. Some producers are particularly concerned about the future of federally subsidized crop insurance.” [Jamestown Sun, 9/21/12]

Bismarck (ND) Tribune: “Republican House Leadership Has Since Refused To Bring The Bill To The Floor” “A House version of the bill passed out of committee on July 12 but Republican House leadership has since refused to bring the bill to the floor.” [Bismarck Tribune, 9/21/12]

Missouri News Horizon: Missouri Lawmakers Frustrated as Plug Gets Pulled on Farm Bill. “There will be no help for Missouri’s drought-strapped farmers coming from Washington before Election Day. U.S. House Speaker John Boehner officially pulled the plug on ag legislation Thursday.” [Missouri News Horizon, 9/20/12]

Des Moines (IA) Register: U.S. House Puts Off Action On Farm Bill Until After November Vote. “U.S. House Speaker John Boehner confirmed Thursday that the farm bill won’t be passed before the November election, another blow toward efforts to complete the legislation before the current law expires. Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., are reluctant to call for a vote on that chamber’s bill or the one passed by the Senate because they don’t believe they have the 218 votes necessary to pass either.” [Des Moines Register, 9/20/12]

Radio Iowa: Republican Leaders “Refuse to Schedule Votes on the Farm Bill”“Republican leaders in the U.S. House have scheduled a vote this week on a legislation to help the coal industry, but refused to schedule votes on the Farm Bill or on legislation to extend a key tax credit for the wind industry.” [Radio Iowa, 9/20/12]