Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Veterans Day

Washington D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement on Veterans Day:

“Bravery and courage come in many forms, and on this Veterans Day we honor the men and women who have exhibited these virtues in service to our nation and to the American people. In each decade, there are those who threaten our nation’s freedoms. In times of duress and in the face of immense challenges, servicemen and women displayed strength and fortitude to preserve our democracy. Our veterans are the truest American heroes, and as we honor all them today we must also pause to remember the countless individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives for their country.

“Nevada is home to one of our nation’s fastest growing veterans communities. I am proud to celebrate the nearly 300,000 veterans in the Silver State who protected our freedoms. On the beaches of Normandy, in Kabul, Baghdad, and in countless other places, Nevadans and millions of brave American soldiers went into the crosshairs of danger to fight under our nation’s flag. When these individuals enlisted, their government promised to look after them and their families. This is a solemn vow that we must always uphold.

“As more troops return from duty and transition into civilian life we must stand ready to give them every chance possible to thrive. No veteran should ever find themselves out of work, homeless, or struggling, and in recent years I have led Senate Democrats to work with Republicans to ensure veterans have access to the highest quality health services and that they have opportunities to find jobs when they return home.

“When the vitality of our veterans is strong, our communities and our nation is made stronger. I extend heartfelt thanks to veterans everywhere for their significant contributions to our country.”