Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Republicans Blocking Cyber Security Legislation

Washington, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after Republicans blocked a bill to protect the nation’s infrastructure from cyber attacks. The bill failed to reach 60 votes necessary to break a Republican filibuster. The vote was 51-47.

“Our country is vulnerable to a cyber attack. Terrorists bent on harming the United States could devastate our power grid, our banking system, or our nuclear plants. Cyber security is one of the top concerns for the Pentagon.

“Sadly, Republicans chose to appease special interests instead of protecting our national security. My Republican colleagues recently wrote that ‘only the legislative process can create the durable and collaborative public-private partnership we need to enhance cyber security,’ but those proved to be just words on a piece of paper. Today, these same Republicans sank the best legislative solution to this urgent problem.

“Given Republican intransigence, I hope President Obama uses all the authority of the executive branch at his disposal to fully protect our nation from the cyber security threat. Republicans today showed we cannot count on them to take this threat seriously.”