Senate Democrats

Amendments to S.3254, NDAA, agreed to

The following amendments to S.3254, NDAA, have been agreed  to by consent:


–       Kyl #2927, as modified (National Nuclear Security Administration)

–       Akaka #3019 (state trade and export promotion grant program)

–       Toomey #3062 (GAO reports)

–       Brown (OH) #3113, as modified (HUB Zones)

–       Rubio #3175, as modified (Ticonderoga class cruisers)

–       Carper #3241 (GAO Mandates Revision Act)

–       Carper #3242 (Improper payments)

–       Thune #3277, as modified (SoS spectrum reallocation)

–       Moran #3285, as modified (conference/convention reports)

–       Bennet #3226, as modified (troop to teacher program enhancements)

–       Hatch #3117, as modified (air logistics  for system program managers)


The managers of the bill are working on an agreement to complete action on the Defense bill this afternoon.